This course will help you through the process of creating an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio). The type of ePortfolio you choose to develop may vary.  Typically ePortfolios fall into one of the following categories or a hybrid of one or more of the types:

  • Developmental - Demonstrate the advancement and development of skills over a period of time.
  • Assessment - Demonstrate competence and skill for well-defined areas.
  • Showcase - Demonstrate exemplary work and student skills.
  • Hybrid - Demonstrate a combination of progress, competence, and skill along with self-reflection and assessment of progress.
This course introduces students to the exciting process of website design. Basic skills for creating web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are reviewed allowing students to better understand the structure of the Internet and websites.
Project-based learning will allow students to expand their knowledge of image editing and animation programs (PhotoShop and ImageReady). Working as an individual and/or in small groups students seek to solve web design challenges for both virtual and real clients.
Student created web projects attempt to provide useful designs that can used for educational, personal, or workplace benefit. Hosting of student websites is not a requirement, but options for this step of the process is explained.

Resources for Mrs. Herniman's students

 This course will enhance and supplement the Spanish 1 unit which focuses on Mexico City. The students will learn interesting facts about Mexico City while they practice listening, speaking, reading skills and also help them to build vocabulary.