In ENGLISH 101, students will become excellent academic writers.  We will achieve this by reading examples of academic writing, noting their strengths and weaknesses.  We will come to understand the forms of academic writing, some of which include literary analysis, personal narrative, and compare/contrast.   More broadly, in ENGLISH 101 we will read and study non-fiction texts in order to better understand the world around us and the myriad ethical dilemmas that arise within our world.  We will study those issues and dilemmas and be able to express our opinions on them in serious academic writing. 

This course contains supplemental material for Mr. Krauss' English 10 course.

This unit will introduce students to the concepts of the 6+1 writing traits and incorporate the demonstration of understanding of literary elements and techniques. 

Preparation for the ELA Regents exam, focusing on tasks 2 & 3.

The activities provided in this Moodle section will improve your grammar skills and will positively impact your essay writing.