Introductory Sociology


Batavia High School

GCC SOC 101/Fall 2009

 Instructor: Mr. John Mangefrida

Class A/C days Blocks 2 & 3 Room 73

Telephone: (585) 343-2480 Ext. 7351

Catalog Description:

Studies social patterns affecting the structure and functioning of group life such as cultural values, deviance, class structure, and social change. Examines methods and perspectives sociologists employ, and the ways group forces influence the individual in society.


Required Text

Henslin, James M.  (2006). Essentials of Sociology: Core Concepts, 2nd Edition. New York: Pearson


General Goals

To understand sociological concepts and the research methodology utilized in sociology so that each person can apply basic concepts to his or her surroundings and appreciated the relevancy of sociology to his or her own life.  The goal is to encourage each student to think critically about the social world by confronting sociological issues on the individual, societal, and global levels.