Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for note-taking as well as individual and collective research assignments, discussions, essay quizzes, multiple choice examinations, and all assigned readings. All of these are required for successful completion of this course. Students should be able to express themselves with clarity and precision, know how to cite sources (using APA citation format) and credit the phrases and ideas of others. Reading assignments will be given in advance according to the school calendar. At a summary or break in the topic, students will be expected to respond in written essay form (quizzes) and unit tests will be given periodically.Students in this course are expected to display daily preparation by volunteering information, by knowledgeable questioning, by participation in the peer led discussion classes and by responding to questions from the instructor and/or other students. The effect of this classroom participation is cumulative over the course of the marking period and plays a role in determining the final grade received for the marking period. Included in this participation grade is a peer led discussion.